Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Andrew in action!

We've been trying really hard to get video of Andrew doing all kinds of "everyday" things. So I thought I'd share a few.

The first is for the Grandparents. I got requests for more video of Andrew walking. They all got to see him for his birthday a month ago, but how quickly things change. Here you go!

This one is Andrew and Maddy. Maddy's mom, Michelle and I were cracking up watching the two of them play peek-a-boo!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Giving the word DIET... a whole new meaning.

With all my efforts over the years to shed a few pounds, never has the word "diet" come into play. I like to call it "healthy" eating. And I like to think of it as a life style, not a fad.

But all of a sudden "diet" has taken on a new meaning in my life. The nutritional diet for my baby. If someone asked me, right now, the single most stressful thing about parenting - I'd say FEEDING your baby. (Ask me again in 2 years I'm sure I'll have long forgotten about this!).

When Andrew was itty bitty and getting all his nutrition from breastmilk/formula - I stressed stress about how often to feed him and how much to feed him. And now that he's on to solids and milk, I worry that he's not getting a well rounded and balanced nutrition.

Right now, his diet mostly consists of...
- Blueberry muffins, whole wheat toast, cereal/Nutragrain bars and puffs (of all kinds - he's not picky!).
- Bananas, grapes, pears, peaches and blueberries (the occasional strawberry).
- Milk and yogurt.

Notice the lack of vegetables?!? Notice the lack of protein?!?

I'm constantly stocking up on new "experimental" items - whole wheat waffles, cheese filled raviolis, garden burgers, edamame, green beans, tomatoes, zucchini, apple sauce, oatmeal, mushrooms, watermelon, pot stickers, soup, noodles/pasta of any kind, mac n' cheese, grilled cheese, quesadillas,beans, etc., etc., etc.

The knowledge that everything we're putting into his mouth right now... is helping develop his mind and grow his body... there's a lot of pressure in that. I always knew that having a well balanced diet would be hard to achieve, but I never knew that I would be so consumed with the thought of it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Come and get me!!

Andrew and Maddy have been friends since day one... well... really even before then! They really do have a connection and love playing together. Chase is one of their favorite games, followed closely by peekaboo! They are really cute to watch!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter - Now and Then!

This the first, second of one holiday that Andrew has ever celebrated!! Get that!?! This is the SECOND time Andrew will have celebrated Easter in his life! So the first time he's ever celebrated a particular holiday - twice!!

And my, has he grown!

This year...

Last year...

I can even image what next year has in store!!