Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Two, two, two"...

Andrew has recently learned the excitement of "One, Two, Threeeeeee!!" We play games where we throw things on three... or swing him in the air on three... or tickle him on three, etc. He loves the game soooo much, that he tires to count with us. Unfortunately, he's still doesn't really talk well... and he ends up saying "Two, two, two"... copying us in our sing-songy counting voices.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dance Machine!!

They say that toddlers LOVE music! Well, Andrew certainly does! He especially likes the Beatles, Lady Gaga, and Nelly Furtado (amongst others). He loves when you sing to him, especially if the song has hand motions that go along.

Andrew recently learned the "Itty Bittsy Spider" song with hand motions from his teachers at day care. I had no idea they were teaching him that and imagine my surprise when he started doing the hand motions when I started signing it the other night! I tried to catch it on video... but as you can see, as soon as I turned the camera on, he got shy.

Andrew loves to dance too! He has a magnet toy on the fridge that signs "Old MacDonald"... its not a jukebox, but it works! (Perhaps Andrew needs to learn how to dance from someone other than his Mother. Note that I did NOT include the video with Andrew and I dancing together - ha!).

Monday, August 2, 2010

Missing my son... but only the cute, fun one!

This weekend Brandyn and I went out of town without Andrew for two nights. Its was fun and fabulous! But when I woke up on Sunday morning I was anxious and lonely... missing my baby!!! We took advantage of our few remaining hours of peace and quiet, packed up... and headed home. The whole way there, I was nervous with excitement to see my little guy.

But something happened when we got home... the sweet little adorable Andrew that I was missing so much in my head... was a whinny cranky mess! Perhaps he was mad at us for leaving, perhaps he's teething (although he was perfect for Grandma and Grandpa all weekend!)... who knows why.

Needless to say, THAT was not the child I was aching so much to see!!

There's definitely a difference between Motherhood (and the child of mine) who lives in my head... and then the reality!