Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Work is not supposed to be fun!!!

One of our goals for this year was to create our own garden and grow a few fruits and veggies. So, on the weekend of Andrew's birthday - we got started on that. My Dad and Brother were in town, so the three of them were able to construct a garden box in no time! Not with out a little goofing around, of course!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beer me!!

More pretzels and another beer - stat!

Monday, March 22, 2010

To Andrew on your 1st birthday!!

Happy birthday my handsome baby boy. Today marks your transition from "baby" to "toddler." While I have been blogging about your life, and my experiences as a mom, from "day one"... I would like to try and look back and reflect on the collective year. This is one of "those moments" that we are all told to treasure forever, but honestly - its hard to comprehend that we are even here already.

Even from your first day of life we have know that you are a very social little guy. In the beginning you wanted only to be held, all day and all night! Thank God for Nana - who came and held you from 10 pm to 1 am - for a week - so we could get some much needed sleep.

And now, while you love to play on your own, you always make sure there's someone in the room with you. If I step over to the kitchen, you crawl, speedily over to find me. Not so I can hold you - just so you can show me your toys, or talk to me, etc.

You have so many friends both at school and with the babies of my friends. When you see your best friend, Maddy, your face lights up with HUGE smile!!

You have grown so much in one year. Your little arms started off scrawny and with spastic, uncontrolled movements in ever direction - as you try to grab on your play mat for toys. Then we sat, your dad and I, and watched the day you discovered your feet. You grabbed and played with them for 20 minutes, awestruck with your discovery - and so were we! And now you "cruise" around the house - holding on to whatever you can - including Daddy's leg hairs!! And last night - you took your first steps!! ON your birthday!!!

Everything about you changes so very fast - especially your looks. When you first arrived, we coo'd over your bald head and gummy mouth and discussed how we couldn't even imagine you with hair and teeth - and how you would look so strange! And now we marvel over your blond wispy hair and the cute gap between your top two teeth!!

And your personality - oh my! Always so happy, smiley and giggly - even if its your fake "hu-hu" laugh!! But I know that we're in for trouble - as you thew your first tantrum on Sunday!

Gone are the days of "only" crying when you were tired, hungry or needed a change. Now you cry when you want us, when you want a toy we took away, or when you're trying to tell us something and we don't understand.

Like the first time you signed milk. Sitting in your highchair eating dinner. You started grunting and groaning and waving you hand! We couldn't understand why - and then Daddy saw - you were signing for milk!!!

We love to listen to you talk. In the beginning, you slept in our room, and we listened to you grunt all night long. We finally moved you to your own room after about 6 weeks - so we could all sleep better. And now, even though our house is small enough to hear your cry from any corner - I keep the baby monitor on so I can hear your "dada, dada, dada" sighs as you lull yourself to sleep. We can't wait to hear what you voice will sound like!!

And oh, have OUR lives changed in this past year too - but that, my love - is for another story!

I have loved every moment of this past year - can't wait to see what is in store next!! Happy birthday big boy!

Happy birthday my sweet Andrew!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A few recent pics...

I'm a little behind on blogging, but here are some recent pictures from our adventures!

In early February, my parents came to town and we all went to the King Tut exhibit at the DeYoung Museum.

For Valentine's Day weekend, we visited our friends Lisa, Jeremy, Zach and Josh in Arizona.

And at the end of February - we met up with Brandyn's family for a nice lunch!

Forget Edward and Jacbo - Team Andrew!!

This morning, when dropping Andrew off at Day Care, Miss Stephanie told me that she and Miss Tasia are starting a competition. Team Andrew vs. Team DeAngelo. Both boys are on the verge of walking - and the teachers have been "working" with them at school - Miss Stephanie is working with Andrew and Miss Tasia with DeAngelo. She joked that they wanna have t-shirts printed. I thought this was hilarious!!

Go Andrew, go!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Working Mom

I knew long before I became pregnant that I was going to be a Working Mom - I just had no idea HOW hard that role would be. When I first went back to work - I talked about feeling both "lost and found" in my new Working Mom identity. After having spent every hour of every day with my baby - I suddenly felt like I was missing a limb without him in my arms.

Now... as I have been back at work for almost 9 months I - I felt like I'm being pulled limb from limb. This week has presented me with more Working Mom challenges than I've ever seen so far. Since the beginning of the year - Brandyn and I both have taken off a combined 5 days of work (5 days- in TWO months!!) to tend to Andrew and his various illnesses (don't worry - nothing more serious that the flu, or recurring double ear infections). We've taken those days off happily - and enjoyed the extra cuddle time with The Babe.

However, this week - was a different story. Monday, I traveled an hour into San Francisco for work, only to receive a call 30 min after I arrived at my desk - and learn that Andrew had thrown up at day care - and they needed me to come pick him up. So I pulled my stuff together and headed an hour back home. Andrew and I made it to the Dr. - diagnosed another double ear infection and a random virus (which caused a rash all over his body). But this post isn't about Andrew's aliments, its about ME! ;)

I spent the next two days - taking care of Andrew and working from home - and being pulled in every which way possible. I attempted to check work emails, while my clingy and in pain baby fought to grab the keyboard and would NOT be put down. I attempted to make myself lunch, while taking a conference call, and trying to feed and non-hungry, crying baby. I attempted to put the baby to sleep (which lasted 30 min), while I tried to respond to 10's of emails that poured in that morning all about projects due by the next morning. I called my coworker, and attempted to commit to handling my share of a project, only to have to call back an hour later with the realization that I was NOT going to be able to get anything done with a baby in my arms. I attempted to take a drive - to get us BOTH some fresh air and get out of the house - only to be 10 min away from home, when Andrew threw up in the car.

This morning, Andrew went back to day care, not because he was feeling 100% better (he hadn't had a fever in more than 24 hours and hadn't thrown up during that time either)... but because I had to go back to work!! Andrew actually had a good day at day care (Miss Stephanie really does give him extra love and attention)... and I had a productive day of cleaning up the messes I made the two days before. But the truth is... I wanted to be at home today, cuddling with my sick, cranky, ear-infected baby... and loving when he snuggled his head in my chest - snot and all!!

This Working Mom stuff is H.A.R.D.