Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Drop the *maybe*... we're for SURE a BOY!!!

Thanks to uncooperative Baby C - we were able to go back for a 2nd ultrasound today - in order to gets pics of the spin (baby wasn't laying right the first time). They had the Dr. check out the pics. while we were still there... so we wouldn't have to come back a thrid time.

Everything looks great.

And also very excitingly... the Tech confirmed... DEFINATELY a boy!! She ever took a pic of his parts and typed on the screen "I'm a boy" and printed a copy for us! It was a great appt... and DH and I are glowing!

More pics to come soon, but proud Daddy took them with him to a 2-day conference!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Who says pregant women can't party!!!

Michelle and I proved them wrong this weekend!! After a fun filled day of a walking art gallery tour through SF... Michelle and I (Brandyn, Matt and Amy & Matt too)... partied like RockStars WELL into the early morning!!

This was, of course, at the in famous Ensor Halloween party! This year's theme was "Under the Sea." You would NOT believe the amount of time and energy Marjorie and Jeremy put into the theme and decorations!

Here are a few pics.

Space Balls - The Movie. Brandyn is BARF The Mog... and I'm Princess Vespa.

The Hosts. Marjorie the beautiful Mermaid... and Jeremy the Scuba instructor.

The rest of the Gang. Matt & Amy (Speed Racer and Rosie the Riveter), Matt & Michelle (Bleeker and Juno), and Me and Brandyn (Princess Vepsa and Barf the Mog).

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Updates & Fashion Show

Baby C is moving into 19 weeks now. He (we think) is getting bigger and stronger and I can feel it! Before I found myself questioning "is that the baby moving"... now... I know it is! Before long... we'll be able to feel him from the outside too!

My belly continues to grow, slowly, but surly... still not too noticeable to the outside world... well... unless I wear a belly flattering shirt that is. Check out the difference in these two pics. I took them literally mins. apart.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

First baby-related purchase!

As is the typical trend right now... Brandyn and I wanted to get a rocker/gilder to hold/feed the baby in. However... with the small size of our house... we thought the gilder would be better suited in our living room - rather than the baby's room. So we set off on a mission to find a piece of furniture that to replace, as my Mom fondly referred to it - the "Black Monster," aka this very ugly pleather chair we had that was "free" with our TV... like 6 years ago.

Trying to find a gilder chair... that looks more appropriate for a living room than a baby room... on a budget... is a mighty hard task! So after a LOT of internet searching, a trip to Babies R Us and Lazy Boy Furniture... we ended up with this. A GREAT mission style piece that I found on It was an "over stocked" item from a warehouse sale. Priced at less than half of the original price!! What a score!!

I'm sure that Baby C loves it already!! We rocked/gilded together last night!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby C *might* be a boy... well... maybe...

Don't paint the walls blue... but... we *might* be having a boy!! Yesterday Brandyn and I went to our "big" ultrasound appointment where they spent about 30 min with the ultrasound machine scanning around to check out Baby C... take pictures of his spine, heart, head, limbs, etc. Baby C wasn't been super cooperative (Brandyn says "Yup, he's a Coleman") he was face down the entire time, and wouldn't move despite the technicians poking and prodding at my belly. All in all - everything looked GREAT!!

After all the measurements had been taken, the technician asked if we wanted to know the sex - we said we did. But unfortunately, Baby C had his legs crossed... and was being just as stubborn for that portion of the photo opt as he was for the rest. The tech gave us a "I *think* its a boy, but I can't be certain" answer. He pointed to between the legs and said "That there is either the penis... or the umbilical cord." (Well...!) Then he did some more moving around and said with mild confidence that he felt the baby was a boy.

Guess that's what we get for being so indecisive about whether or not we even wanted to find out the sex... Baby C answered that question for us... still unsure... what a tease!!

Either way... our Baby Boy *maybe* is looking great! See for yourself!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hello Baby!

Yes, I feel you now! And I felt you in the middle of the night last night! Just make sure you show you yourself at our ultrasound next week... your daddy may not want to see "what you're made of" - but *I* do!!! Taken this morning! 17 weeks and 3 days.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Ummmm... was that what I THINK it was!?!

As I pass 15 and 16 weeks of pregnancy, the books are saying "Your baby is moving around a lot now, you should begin to feel him/her at anytime." And so... I've been stalking my belly for the last few days... asking my friends to describe the feeling in detail... and waiting. I've laid on my back... concentrating oh so hard on feeling that baby move... only to feel my heart beat pumping away - a little distracting!

Then... a few days ago... I was sitting at the computer and crossed my legs... blooop! "What was that!?! That didn't feel 'normal.' Let's try that again." *uncross legs, cross them again* Nothing. The next morning while Brandyn was getting ready for work... I manipulated my body in all kinds of directions... and FINALLY felt the feeling again. Its like that feeling you get when you're on a rollercoater ride... the flip-flop of your stomach... but... I was FIRMLY planted on the ground... no amsument park in sight!

Yesterday I felt the baby again about 3 times. I told Brandyn that I think I found a way to make the baby move so that I can feel it... his response "Well don't POKE it!!" Don't worry Brandyn... I'm not hurting the little guy... just enjoying the feeling of knowing he/she is there.

16 weeks and 4 days.