Monday, October 27, 2008

Who says pregant women can't party!!!

Michelle and I proved them wrong this weekend!! After a fun filled day of a walking art gallery tour through SF... Michelle and I (Brandyn, Matt and Amy & Matt too)... partied like RockStars WELL into the early morning!!

This was, of course, at the in famous Ensor Halloween party! This year's theme was "Under the Sea." You would NOT believe the amount of time and energy Marjorie and Jeremy put into the theme and decorations!

Here are a few pics.

Space Balls - The Movie. Brandyn is BARF The Mog... and I'm Princess Vespa.

The Hosts. Marjorie the beautiful Mermaid... and Jeremy the Scuba instructor.

The rest of the Gang. Matt & Amy (Speed Racer and Rosie the Riveter), Matt & Michelle (Bleeker and Juno), and Me and Brandyn (Princess Vepsa and Barf the Mog).


Jennifer said...

SO FUN! I love that you are STILL a party animal!!

The Spruiells said...

OMG so hilarious! Your costumes turned out SO good!

KK said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!


Mrs. Matt said...

Such a blast!! Thanks for inviting us! And YES you guys totally partied like rock stars! I can't believe you were able to stay out that late, especially after such a long day! Woo hooo!!!!

janessa said...

GREAT costumes!!!