Saturday, November 29, 2008

A very thankful Thanksgiving!!

Brandyn and I had a very nice Thanksgiving holiday. For the first time... in a long time... we didn't have to travel. Brandyn's sister Jennifer hosted Thanksgiving at her house (just down the street from ours). Brandyn's family came up from Fresno to join us... so it was a lot of fun with our niece and nephews all together.

And... of course... Baby C! For whom we are eternally grateful this Thanksgiving. We were able to get a sneak peak at our little guy... through a private 3D ultrasound vendor Prenatal Peek. Both Grandma's to-be joined us for the big viewing. Of course, as usual, Baby C was not being super cooperative. He was playing shy and held his hands in front of his cute little face almost the whole time. But with a little maneuvering from me... and a lot of poking from the technician... we were able to get a few good shots of his face!

It was a very fun afternoon for all... including both grandpas - who patiently waited back at the house (watching football, of course!)... and were able to get in on the action by watching the 30 min. DVD we were sent home with.
A very thankful Thanksgiving indeed!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Overwhelmed by the all "baby gear" choices...

Its time to get started on a list of items we'll need for the baby. Registry time! (And we thought picking out China was hard!) Wow. So many choices... so many brands... so many online check lists telling me I WILL NEED this and that.

What is a girl to do when she feels over whelmed in life... why turn to her family and friends for advice!! So... to all my new parent friends (and those who've been there... done that!)... tell me... what were/are your baby Must Haves!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

No updates... just pics!

Currently 23 (and some) weeks.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random thoughts...

I want to take a nap. I know... its only noon, but just working my normal 7.5 hour day is really wearing me out. I'm only 22 weeks pregnant right now... what will I do at 30... or 36!!! The 1 hour commute each way... plus work... is leaving me exhausted. I could TOTALLY take a nap in my office right now... humm... maybe I will. ;)

My back hurts. I know, the complaint of every pregnant women. But again, aren't those women like 9 months pregnant... with HUGE bellys!! I'm only 6 months (sorta)... and my belly is little. And yet... its starting to get uncomfortable to sleep (even with the glorious Snoggle pillow). I've been sitting at my desk since around 8:30... and I've gotten up about three times... I'm now slouched over "Ed Bundy Style"... to help ease the pressure off my back. I may need to start working and standing at my desk - think that will work?

And at the risk of TMI (after all... my brother does read this on occasion)... apparently all my bras are too small. I put on a bigger one today... and I feel like its cutting off my circulation across my chest! Maybe I should run to Victoria's Secret during lunch!

Oooo, but to end on a high note... I'm completing my Ed Bundy look with my hand on my belly (no, not in my pants)... 'cause I can feel Baby C moving all around right now!!! And occasionally on the outside too!! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

"Tagged" in the world of bloggers...

So... guess I'm officially part of the "World of Bloggers"... I've been "tagged." A game to make blogging a little more interesting. Thanks Stephanie!

Seven weird facts about me... this could take all day...

1) When I'm driving... I use my turn signal ALL the time... its so much of a habit... that I often find myself using it to turn into the driveway!! ;)

2) I don't like to mix fruit with my chocolate. Strawberries and raspberries are delicious... but chocolate cake with a raspberry layer... umm... no... I'm a purist.

3) I'm a podcast addict. I find great thrill is discovering new *free* downloadable podcasts for my iPod. I'm currently listening to This American Life, The Moth, RadioLab, and Pregtastic.

4) I have Restless Leg Syndrome. While Brandyn used to say I was making up the actual condition... its real... look it up! Sometimes in the evening (not every night)... my legs get really antsy... I can't help but want to move them. (It makes it really difficult for the cats to try and lay on my lap!!)

5) I was born and raised in a town with a population of 350 - people, period. When Journey sings "She's just a small town girl..."... its always makes me nostalgic.

6) My husband and I BOTH took Scouting to the top level. Brandyn is an Eagle Scout and I earned my Gold Award.

7) I have a baby growing inside of me! (Come on... that is weird!) :)

And to tag more people... I hope they LIKE being tagged!! If not... sorry. ;)

1) Michelle Z.
2) Catriona
3) Jenique (what happens when the person you tag hasn't done a blog entry in MONTHS... will they respond!?!)
4) Lindsy
5) Danae, Chris & Baby Sophie
6) Amy ('Cause she needs an excuse to update!)
7) Zoe