Monday, November 10, 2008

"Tagged" in the world of bloggers...

So... guess I'm officially part of the "World of Bloggers"... I've been "tagged." A game to make blogging a little more interesting. Thanks Stephanie!

Seven weird facts about me... this could take all day...

1) When I'm driving... I use my turn signal ALL the time... its so much of a habit... that I often find myself using it to turn into the driveway!! ;)

2) I don't like to mix fruit with my chocolate. Strawberries and raspberries are delicious... but chocolate cake with a raspberry layer... umm... no... I'm a purist.

3) I'm a podcast addict. I find great thrill is discovering new *free* downloadable podcasts for my iPod. I'm currently listening to This American Life, The Moth, RadioLab, and Pregtastic.

4) I have Restless Leg Syndrome. While Brandyn used to say I was making up the actual condition... its real... look it up! Sometimes in the evening (not every night)... my legs get really antsy... I can't help but want to move them. (It makes it really difficult for the cats to try and lay on my lap!!)

5) I was born and raised in a town with a population of 350 - people, period. When Journey sings "She's just a small town girl..."... its always makes me nostalgic.

6) My husband and I BOTH took Scouting to the top level. Brandyn is an Eagle Scout and I earned my Gold Award.

7) I have a baby growing inside of me! (Come on... that is weird!) :)

And to tag more people... I hope they LIKE being tagged!! If not... sorry. ;)

1) Michelle Z.
2) Catriona
3) Jenique (what happens when the person you tag hasn't done a blog entry in MONTHS... will they respond!?!)
4) Lindsy
5) Danae, Chris & Baby Sophie
6) Amy ('Cause she needs an excuse to update!)
7) Zoe


Anonymous said...

Too cute! I love This American Life, it's so interesting. And yeah, baby growth inside you is pretty strange. I'm still having trouble grasping that idea.

Katie (Mrs.Wubbin) said...

I have a cure for restless leg sndrome; my mom and sis swear by it! Tonic water- the quinine (sp) makes your legs relax and they don't wiggle as much. We all swig it right before bed and it helps so much! Good luck!

Erin said...

Love it! I swear my DH has RLS...I tease him about it all the time!

Harris said...

A baby growing in you IS weird, I agree!