Monday, November 24, 2008

Overwhelmed by the all "baby gear" choices...

Its time to get started on a list of items we'll need for the baby. Registry time! (And we thought picking out China was hard!) Wow. So many choices... so many brands... so many online check lists telling me I WILL NEED this and that.

What is a girl to do when she feels over whelmed in life... why turn to her family and friends for advice!! So... to all my new parent friends (and those who've been there... done that!)... tell me... what were/are your baby Must Haves!!


Harris said...

Don't be overwhelmed. All you need to start are a few diapers and onsies! From there, you quickly learn. But I think a Bumbo is key (though not needed for 3-4 months). You don't need a swing, exersaucer, play mat AND tummy time or two are fine.

Mommy Moreno said...

diapers ;) LOTS of diapers! hehe.

so far this is what I use everyday;
changing pad
waterproof pads
i like & use the wipe warmer (even though its a complete UNneccessity) ;)
aden+anais swaddling blankets
ameda breast pump
graco sweet peace swing
baby bathtub
hooter hider
lots of burp rags
car seat
snap & go stroller

hope that helps a little! :)

cousin anji said...

One of K's cousins lent us her stationary activity center. It was great to put Carri in once she was mobile and we needed a place to put so we could get something done. It kept her entertained for at least half an hour, if not longer. She used this quite a bit, even when she wasn't in it she would pull herself up and play with it. It also made a pretty neat bridge to crawl under. We finally took it down when she decided to try to use it as a jungle gym.

If you get a "lovey" that you expect him to attach to, get at LEAST two. We made that mistake with Carri's Eeyore and were afraid to wash it until we managed to find a replacement. I'm still afraid of what is going to happen with the stuffing. If it turns out ok we're going to switch out the Eeyores every so often so they wear "evenly" and it won't be as much of change if something happens to one of them.

Shelly C. said...

Hmm...where to start?

Diapers and Onesies are the biggest necessity.

Crib, obviously. Sheets, two waterproof pads.
Changing table or dresser/changing table combo (with curved pad). (It's a must for your back.)
Burp rags
car seat
Vaseline (boy)
Dreft or other baby detergent
hamper just for baby's clothes
Swing and/or bouncy seat.
Play saucer. It's great when they become mobile and want to play, but you need them to stay in one place.
Infant Tylenol
Oh, yeah, and diapers.
baby monitor
teething ring
And don't forget those diapers!

Believe me, this is not a complete list.

Oh, yeah, and a blanket to throw on the floor for him to lay/play on.

Honestly, the most important thing he has is you.

Shelly C. said...

Oh, and I forgot. If you travel, you need a portable crib. If you only travel to stay with grandparents, THEY need the portable crib.

Amanda said...

As long as you have diapers and wipes to begin with you'll be good to go! Within the first week the most important thing we used were our arms to rock him back and forth when he was cranky! Registries are VERY intimidating.

Heather said...

I don't have any rec's, since, as you know, I am not there yet...but I can see how it can be so overwhelming! Just wanting to wish you luck!

Lisa Speck said...

I have A LOT of stuff I will gladly give you. (Cosleeper, baby gym, bouncer, swing, etc.) Just have to figure out how to get it to you...

Mom and Wife said...

To add to the lists...which are great...I love baby wearing and for us that was and is a cant live without item. Snap and go stroller also...

I am glad I went cheap on diaper bags and held off on swings etc.. untill we had JLK and knew what worked for me and for her.

Danae said...

It's so overwhelming! How can one little person need so much stuff?

The couple of things I really enjoy having and always use are a sleeping gown (so I don't have to mess with snaps in the middle of the night) and a swaddler. Both have been invaluable these past 9 weeks.

Oh-- and just bought Sophie a wipe warmer last week (now that the weather seems cold). Totally unessential but really..would you want someone wiping your stuff with something cold and wet?