Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010!

Since last years "public goal setting" seemed to work pretty well.... I thought I'd do it again for 2010.

Left over 2009 goals, now moved over to 2010!
- Grow a few of vegetables/fruits/herbs in our back yard.
- Participate in the March for Babies. And I'm going to bump this year's goal up a little bit... I'm going to create a TEAM! The race is April 24, 2010.

New 2010 goals:
- Walk 30-45 min, 2-3 days a week. Before I got pregnant with Andrew last year, I was walking during my work lunch. But then I got knocked up... and my good coworker/friend Annie left... and I got lazy... and I stopped walking. I really want to start that up again.
- My "green" efforts are to *try* and eliminate paper towels from our kitchen and instead use rags. I would also like to purchase only environmentally friendly cleaning products from Method. (We use their soaps now, but once our other cleaning products are empty - I'll replace them with Method).
- Date night *alone* (not with friends) with my husband once a month.
- Explore community churches to participate in.


Amber said...

Good luck Alison!! You accomplished a lot last year, you'll do it again this year!

janessa said...

GREAT goals!!!

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Great goals!!! Good luck A!

Andria said...

Did you do research on the other eco friendly detergents and soaps etc? Just wondering why you like Method over the others? Haven't seen that brand myself, but we're always looking for the best one to use. :)