Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Special Moments and Memories

Yesterday I saw two young girls (maybe 4 and 6) walking with their mom and carrying a large grocery bag. It was lunch time - and the girls were bringing lunch to their daddy at his office. As one of the MANY things that "sets me off" emotionally - this one did. I was so touched by the mom's thoughtfulness, the excitement on the girl's faces, and the anticipation for the dad is getting to spend the long drawn out lunch with his family!

It reminded me of several times when I was a little girl that I had special moments with my dad. One general memory is when my dad used to play in an adult basketball league. My mom would bring my brother and I to the games to watch him play. I remember thinking how fun/cool it was that my dad played basketball - he was like my own personal NBA star (except I didn't know about the NBA at that time!).

Another more specific time was when my dad made *me* a picnic lunch. He packed me a lunch, with specific "special" things that I like, then came to my school at lunch time, took me to a near by park - and we had a picnic lunch together! (He even bought me Oreos - which I NEVER got growing up!).

I am working hard to bring up all these fun, special, everyday loving moments from when I was little... so that Andrew will have beautiful memories like this when he's grown and big! So far Andrew has been able to attend two of Brandyn's basketball team games (that he coaches) and randomly/spontaneously showed up in his classroom (at the end of the day) so Brandyn could show Andrew off around school.


janessa said...

I think it's so sweet to create special happy surprises for not only us, but for our kiddos. My Dad used to take us out to breakfast on our birthdays. I sooo looked forward to it every year! It's the little things that we remember :)

Brakes and Gas said...

Sound like you have a great dad! Me too! How lucky we are! And I love spying little moments like that in strangers lives. :)