Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I wish we were on a reality TV show...

There have been so many times over the last 10 months when I wish I had our video camera out to capture all the fun/unique moments. But those moments happen so quickly, there's no time for a camera. And besides, if I went and got the camera each and every time, then I how I be "present" in the moment.

So that's why, sometimes I wish we were part of a reality TV show. That our entire lives were captured on film. You know, capturing all of our amazing family moments - like Jon & Kate + Eight. ;) OK... never mind... I guess I really don't wish that. I guess I'll just have to rely on my memory.

From this past weekend, here are a few moments I would like to remember:

- On Friday, Andrew had his sights set on Lucy. She was sitting on a chair at the kitchen table. Andrew was playing with magnets on the fridge when she caught his attention. He crawled over to the table toward her chair. She immediately smelled "danger" and moved to another chair. Andrew continued to "chase" her through the dinning room table while she jumped from chair to chair and finally ended up on top of the table. The game stopped when Andrew tried to climb up the table (not that he's really capable of doing that) and got stuck. He pulled himself up (under the table) holding onto a chair and then bumped his head trying to pull himself up on the chair. Not surprisingly, this moment ended in tears.

- Then later that day, Andrew played chase with me. Brandyn was holding Andrew and started running after me telling Andrew "Get mommy, get mommy." I, of course, cried "No, don't GET me!" Andrew was laughing uncontrollably ... as we all three ran around and around and around the kitchen a living room.

- Sunday was a day full of cuddles in our house, as Andrew was beginning to have symptoms of what we now know is a double ear infection. Andrew didn't want to be put on the floor, to play with his toys , as he usually does - he just wanted to be held. Nap times were the same "don't put me down" cry!! So after two very short naps in the middle of the day... Andrew spent his last nap, laying cuddled up on the couch with his daddy. Andrew's no-longer-itty-bitty-body draped across Brandyn chest and stomach. Brandyn said Andrew fell asleep almost instantly when he cuddled him in his arms. Such a tender moment.


Brakes and Gas said...

Aww! So lovely! Thanks for sharing.

The other night I was rocking Eloise at my parents house and I caught sight of us in the mirror. I could not beleive how big my girl has gotten! Don't you want to freeze time somedays!

April said...

What a sweet post. It DOES go fast. Too fast. The last moment shared with babe and Dad- so sweet. Hopefully you were able to snap a picture.

CHarris said...

These are the best memories! Good for you for writing them down - you'll appreciate that!