Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This weekend marked Andrew's first major road trip and over night adventure. We packed up the car (and half Andrew's wardrobe) and headed to Fresno for a Family reunion on Brandyn's side. Andrew was a trooper in the car and sleeping in his temporary environment.

We all had a lot of fun seeing family and introducing Andrew to relatives for the first time. Here's Brandyn's "clan"!

This was also the first time all the "cousins" Leslie, Alex, Jacob and Andrew were all together at once.
We spent most of our time outside... so we were sure to keep Andrew all covered up from the sun.
Chillin' on the picnic blanket with Daddy.
Our family.


Lesley said...

I love the picture of the three of you! So cute!

SmartAssMom said...

You all look great!

janessa said...

I see where Brandyn gets his height! What a good lookin family!
Happy to hear the trip was a success and everyone made it intact!

Taking Flight said...

Fantastic family photo!

Anonymous said...

what great picks you all look great great one of the 3 of you cc

Shelly C. said...

How'd that short chick get in there? LOL!

It was a blast to see you guys!

Danae said...

Andrew is SO cute in his sun hat!