Monday, November 30, 2009

So very thankful for the opportunity to be a parent!

Parents have hundreds of ways of describing what it means to be a mom or dad. But most conclude that its "indescribable." I agree.

Having just come away from the Thanksgiving holiday, where I spend four days cuddling and cooing with Andrew... and four nights listening to him breathe from the crib in the room we shared... and hearing his "baba, dada, gaga" at a too early 5:45 am... I'm on a Parent Love High.

I find myself amazed at how different parenting is than how I imagined it. I could never predicted that after a long weekend of sharing the same room with Andrew, instead of reveling in the peace and quiet of my own room... I'd feel restless. I could have never guess that night after night, once Andrew has gone to sleep... I wouldn't be able to resist sneaking into his room to stare at his sweet peaceful face. I could have never imagined the feel of his unconditional love, his beautiful innocence, his pure joy and happiness. I could have never know that when I look into my baby's eyes I'd see Brandyn, I'd see my baby brother, I'd see my parents, I'd see myself.

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for Andrew.