Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby Sign...

So Andrew's day care uses sign language to help communicate with the babies. Ms Stephanie is helping us learn too. So far Brandyn and I are using "milk," "all done," "eat/food," and "more." We make the signs when we talk to Andrew so that he can hopefully learn to use them back to us and tell us what he wants/needs before he can actually talk.

Yesterday I tired to add a new sign to our repertoire - "stop." Which looks like this... (try to ignore the scary looking guy... they were the only pictures I could find.

baby sign language stop baby sign stop

As soon as I did the sign... Andrew started busting up laughing. And then I remembered... I wasn't thinking at all about my future in baby sign when I spend 20 min. making Andrew laugh with my impression of "Who's gonna get chopped!" I guess I created the "monster" who laughs at his mom trying to tell him to stop!! My bad.


CHarris said...


Cousin Anji said...

I'd been using this site to learn sign with Caroline. We started around 7 mmonths and she started using signs around 10 months, if I remember correctly. She still uses it for please, cracker and sometimes cookie. I'm hoping she will pick it back up a little when we start with Tobin.

Shelly C. said...

LMAO! Trust me...he'll understand the word "stop" when used verbally. And do you really want him to sign that one back to you? Ha ha!

Good for you, though, for using the baby signs. :)

janessa said...

LOL!!!! I love it!

At least his recall is good!