Monday, September 13, 2010

Country Girl, Raisin' a Family in the Big City

I grew up in a rural area. My parent filled our acreage with a large garden and chickens roaming everywhere. When I move off to the “big city,” I assumed I had lost those “home grown” elements for good. It was only when I started my own family that I realized I needed to take a closer look at what we put in our bodies.

When Andrew was born over a year ago, I began making his baby food. I was amazed at how easy it was and how much money I was saving in the process! Now, we have moved on to a small home garden and compost barrel.

One of my biggest “ah-ha” moments was earlier this summer, when a plant started growing in our garden. It was NOT something we planted – it was a “volunteer”. As it grew, we realized it was an acron squash. The plant grew from the seeds I had cleaned out of a squash when making Andrew's food. We threw the seeds in the compost, and later, threw the compost in the garden – the plant grew all on its own!

What an amazing full circle.

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Lesley said...

That is so cool! I wonder if any of the seeds we've put in our compost will start growing in our garden.