Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The "Other" Linus

We have two cats. Linus and Lucy. (No, we're not crazy fans of Charles Shultz... it just happened). Andrew loves both cats and regularly makes desperate attempts to pet them. Linus usually obliges... but Lucy never does.

Despite her dislike of Andrew (well, any person, really)... Lucy was one of the first words that Andrew could say - "Woo-cee." But lately... he seems to have forgotten her name.

Last night, Andrew and I were playing in front of the house. Linus was wandering around with us. Andrew caught site of him and started calling "Yi-nus," over and over again.

M: "Yes Andrew, there's Linus. He's eating grass."
A: "Oh. Yi-nus, Yinus." (Desperately looking around and around.)
M: "Andrew, Linus is right there, see... he's digging in the dirt."
A: "Blah, blah, blah, blah (gibberish that I couldn't understand), blah Yi-nus." (Still looking around.)
M: "Are you looking for Lucy? Lucy is in the house!"
A: "Oh."
(Lucy wanders outside from inside the house).
A: "YI-NUS!!!"

Apparently, Andrew has renamed our cats Linus... and the Other Linus.

(We might also be having a similar identity crisis with Mama and Dada... in the last week... we are currently BOTH known as "Mama"... much to Brandyn's chagrin).


Bag Lady said...


Don't teach him your real names unless you want to be called by them. I about die when Campbell says "ALI!".

Cousin Anji said...

It probably just means he's concentrating on learning something else. Don't sweat it too much. All of a sudden one day he'll get it right.

Shelly C. said...

Hee hee! We went through the both of us being Mama with Alex too. Yeah, Bryan was thrilled...NOT! I, of course, thought it was hilarious. Remember, we had Einstein and Dog for a while, even though he knew her name is Lucky. ;)

Jennifer said...

Lol!!! I have been Dada for months now or Gog...which is dog :(