Monday, August 15, 2011

Time Outs

We recently took a fantastic family vacation with my parents and my brother and his family - including Andrew counsin Evey. Andrew loves Evey, but is not used to playing with an independant 5 year old who loves to direct playtime. A couple of times he got annoyed by Evey's instructions on how to move his animal, which ended in his hitting Evey out of frustration. We followed with appropriate time out and lots of words about how you don't hit, etc.

Last night, while Andrew was laying in bed talking himself to sleep, we hear "Huggy (his favorite Lovey/stuff animal), no hit Andrew. You time out."

Apparently... he got the message.


Jenn said...


Cousin Anji said...

Caroline gives Eeyore time outs sometimes too for being bad. Tobin hates them with a passion and we have to sit with him to even try to get him to stay in one spot.

christi said...

Smart boy, Andrew!!

CHarris said...

Brooke hits and kicks Reilly all the time. In fact just this morning she was icing her neck from a strong kick. It's such a fun time. (note sarcasm!)