Thursday, September 29, 2011

Substitute Parenting

Last night Brandyn and I both had to work late. So we asked our friend Christi if she could pick up Andrew after day care. She and her 3-year-old Dane picked Andrew up and took him home for dinner. Christi fed my "mom curiosity" by texting me that the boys were having fun, sending me a picture of them eating dinner... and my favorite... an email entitled "Hope my parenting techniques are ok with you"... with the following picture attached!

Andrew and Dane playing in puppy Stella's cage. HILARIOUS! Thanks for taking good care of my kid Christi!!


Laura En Espana said...

So cute!!

Anonymous said...

This is too funny! Alison, it's Katrina from the nest. Still following your blog from down under. Hope you and your family are well. Take care.

Cousin Anji said...

You mean this isn't where they're supposed to be kept? ;) I can't remember if we had the crates up since having the kids. They probably would have tried getting in. We'll find out in a few weeks when we put the crate up again.