Monday, February 9, 2009

Five years later... oh so much has changed!

This weekend at my baby shower (more on that later)... for the first time since our wedding, almost 5 years years ago... I was back together with all my beautiful bridesmaids! Michelle, Jennifer, Lisa & Danae!

While we've gotten together individually many time, and even most of us have seen each together over the years, we've missed having Lisa in our group. Lisa and her husband moved from the Bay Area to Arizona a few weeks after our wedding, to buy a beautiful house and raise their two handsome sons.

So at Lisa's great suggestion, this weekend we took a picture of the five of us once again. Looks like I've put on a few pounds in the last five years... but I'm OK with that!! ;)


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Harris said...

That is SOOO great that you have those two pictures! And I don't care what you say - you look INCREDIBLE now!!