Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This past Saturday, my "oldest" group of friends (since Freshman year of college), hosted an amazing shower for Baby C! (THANK YOU Danae, Sandra, Michelle and Sonya!)

Honestly, its so overwhelming and amazing for me to be in a room with so many people I love!! Friends locally... friend and family from north Sacramento... and even my friend Lisa who came from Arizona!!

The shower was hosted at my communities' 1970's club house... which is not so hot looking, but you NEVER would have guessed... cause when I walked in... my hostesses had totally transformed it!

The decorations were awesome - all a pretty lime green and teal. There were pictures of the covers of children's books lining the room (which was also a game)!

They set up a craft station with wooden blocks for people to paint/decorate.

More decor included a BEAUTIFUL handmade diaper cake.

The tables were decorated with stacked gift boxes that looked like ABC blocks (which also houses the favors... cupcakes!!).

The games were so cute and creative!! Pictures of children's book (either name the book or name the author from just the cover picture)... remember the items on the tray (after seeing it for 45 sec).

And the last game... and VERY cute game where guests had to build a Baby C based on eyes, nose, and mouth images that came from both DH and I, and our parents (guests didn't know which features were which). I selected the winner "cutest Baby C"... which... was very narsacictically... MY eyes, MY nose and MY mouth from my baby pic!! It was very funny actually!. Here's the winner!

Everyone was so very generous with their gifts. My hostesses had asked that everyone bring a book to sign instead of a card - which was a to fun... and we've totally built up our library. I think we're now set with almost everything Baby needs.

And the "cutest" moment... whiel they were serving the cake... my Danae & Michelle passed out small glasses of Guinness for everyone to toast the baby!! Sooo cute!!

Here are my hostesses and I!!

More of my friends/family...


Alyssa said...

I love the idea of bringing a book instead of card - I might have to steal that idea!

Lindsy said...

Beautiful shower! You look look amazing : )

caliet said...

You're a very lucky lady.

Jamers said...

I'm in love with the book idea! It's such a good way to build a good library for your child. I'm glad you had a good time!

Heather said...

So cute! I love the baby block painting station idea!! Too cute!

Kendra said...

Love the book game, and the books as gifts! And can I just say that you look fantastic? :)

Justk said...

I will have to steal the book signing idea for my BFF shower. What an excellent idea!