Friday, March 27, 2009

Trial... Error... Sucess (eventually!!)...

I think I've discovered the secret to parenting... its all about trial and error. Try one thing... if it doesn't work... try something else... if it doesn't work... maybe go back to the first thing, etc., etc., etc. Eventually... you WILL get it. Here are a few of our trials, errors and successes thus far!

Trial - Bassinet. Result - Error (baby was NOT in to being left alone).
Trial - Sleeping in bed with us. Result - Error (baby slept... WE did not).
Trial - Sleeping in the rocker/glider and on the couch with baby on chest. Result - Success (baby slept... and I slept).
Trial - Bassinet. Result - Success (we had two good long naps... and one long chunk of sleep last night... we're working on it).

Skin to Skin
Trial - Baby and I lay skin to skin (my chest to his chest/tummy). Result - Success (we both love it!).
Trial - Brandyn and baby lay skin to skin (chest to chest). Result - Error (Brandyn loved it... baby did not).
Trial - Brandyn and baby lay skin to skin (Brandyn's bare arm to baby's bare cheek). Result - Success (who knows... maybe Baby doesn't like chest hair!) ;)

This picture has nothing to do with the post... but he's soooo cute, how could I not share! ;)


Kimberly C. said...

Alison he is so dang cute!

Maria said...

He is so CUTE!!!

The Spruiells said...


Shelly C. said...

TOO CUTE!!!! Alex has that same onesie! Isn't it great?

Harris said...

SO cute! And...once you find something he likes - he won't like it anymore ;-) haha. Parenting isn't a science, it is an art. One that I'm not sure can ever be perfected!

Erin said...

he is too cute! He's so alert for only being a few days old!!!

janessa said...

so, so cute!!

And you're right, it's all a series of 'guesses' you're doing a great job!