Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Three-Month Birthday Andrew!!

Two weeks ago Andrew had a quick visit with the Dr. His stats were:
Weight - 13 pds 3 oz
Length - 25 inches

In other developments...
-Andrew rolled over for the first time this month. Well, it was the only time!!! But don't think we haven't been trying our best to see it happen again. I have LOTS of video footage of Andrew getting belly time... wiggling around... only to end up... STILL on his belly... and cranky. ;)
- He is talking, talking, talking. He LOVES listening to and watching people talk. And he tries his best to talk back.
- Andrew is getting LOTS of time with Daddy this month as they hang out during the week together, and if they are lucky... have a play date or two with our friends Matt and Maddy (4 mons).


Stephanie said...

I love his big smile!!

Alice said...

My favorite number and my favorite Andrew!

Jamers said...

He's so cute!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he's three months already...and how crazy cute he is!!!

janessa said...

oh my goodness! He looks *so much bigger* in this picture than he did in his 2 month picture! Grow, Andrew, grow!

Good work, Mama!