Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Choppin' Broccoli!!!

My sister-in-law Katie, handed down to me loads of baby toys, clothes, etc. Among the boxes of goodies was a cook book and baby food making kit. On first glance, I thought - no way!! I am not a hippy, feed my baby only organics, baby food makin' mama! BUT, Katie and the the book, assured me that it is very easy. Sooooo... I gave it a shot! They could not have been more right!!

The basics steps... 1) chop up veggie or fruit 2) microwave with a little water and covered with Saranwrap 3) blend it up! 4) freeze in ice cub trays!!

This weekend I made a few batches. In one hour I made 10 servings (2 - 1 oz frozen cubes) of peas, and 15 servings of butternut squash and carrots!!

The best part... the price!!!

10 servings of peas - $2.79 ($0.27/serving)
15 servings of butternut squash - $2.90 ($0.19/serving)
15 servings of carrots - $3.78 ($0.25/serving)

The Earth's Best brand of baby food sold in most stores runs about $1/jar. So... this weekend alone... I saved about $30 by making the food myself. Woo hoo!!! (Now... where can I spend all this saved money!!!)


Anonymous said...

Diapers, books, diapers, clothes, diapers, toys.

or if you're using cloth

soap, books, clothes, and toys

Cousin Anji said...

Ok that was by me. I must have hit enter instead of shift.

Alison said...

Anji... I was thinking more like Starbucks... clothes... or beer!! ;)

Cousin Anji said...

Don't let CPS know you're giving Andrew caffiene and beer. :)

On a side note:
Trust me when I say, don't give a toddler any amount of caffiene. We had an impromptu dinner in Kauai at Bubba Burger. Of course they didn't have milk so we gave Carri a few sips of regular diet soda. WRONG thing to do. We were up until 2AM with her because she couldn't get to sleep.

CHarris said...

And just as you get the hang of it, he won't be eating it anymore ;-)