Monday, June 7, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes...

Andrew is quite the talker - he's constantly babbling something or other. He often talks at you with real purpose, expecting your response. If you ask him a question, he almost always answer "Yeah" and nods his head in agreement (even if you ask him a question to which he should respond "No"). Last night, we started singing. We know its singing cause he dances around and spins in circles.

Some of his words areL

Byeee and sometimes Bu-bye.
Ni-night. (Usually in response to our prompting, but sometimes he says on his own if he's super tired and ready for bed).
Hi! (Short and sweet!).
Nose (Said to get our attention when we haven't interacted with us in a while. He's got almost a "I'm so smart" attitude when he says it.")
Mama and Dada
Aaa-Done (With his hands waving about his head in sign).
Mi (Milk).
No (Said with a questioning tone - No? You've never heard a cuter word, I promise.)
Hi Dada! (Hopefully soon to be followed with "Hi Mama"!).
Yeah. (Complete with head nod).
Shhh (shoe).
Sock. (And holds it up to his nose and quickly pulls away, mimicking my "Phew - your socks are stinky" game!).

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Brakes and Gas said...

Gotta love the talking! I will warn you, "no" looses a lot of its cuteness when said in earnest with shrieks, "nonononononono!"... at everything! Enjoy it while you can!