Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Al, you're such a Mom!"

That's what my 20-something coworker told me yesterday, when I told her about my latest adventure in "me time" - Jazzercise. (Hey, at least she didn't call me OLD!!)

I've been trying to get my butt out of my office chair to take walks during lunch, but when I'm trying to leave the office at exactly 5 (sometimes earlier) to rush home to see my family, taking 45 minutes for a lunch walk, seems like a waste. So, I signed up for a class. One that will hold me accountable and force me to get my butt moving! I've been to three classes so far... and I'm telling you... my butt... its SORE.

I'm not sure how often I'm going to convince Brandyn to let me sneak out of the house, juuust before Andrew's bedtime routine, but so far I'm loving it. And the greatest thing about it... its ME time... just ME.


Bag Lady said...

I KNOW!!!!!!! Just me and music--no husband, kid, dog, work, phone.... I LOVE that someone else likes it too!!!!!!

Lindsy said...

Good for you!!!

Jennifer said...

Good for you!!! I started Jazzercise when I was first pregnant and LOVED it. I ended up losing weight without really trying and sadly had to stop when put on rest. I really want to join again. Have fun!!!