Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No, NO, Noooooooo!!

Is what I heard from the back seat of my car, on the way to Day Care this morning.

And so we've entered The "No" Stage (and the hitting stage and the general defiance stage).

Its so interesting to watch his mind grow and change. I remember distinctly around 6 months, Andrew started to be more aware of his surroundings.

Before 6 months he only cried out of need - he needed food, sleep, a diaper change.

At 6 month, he started crying when he wanted something - usually one of us.

At a year, he began crying when he wanted something he couldn't have - a toy, to be out of his crib, etc.

And now, now he's crying to make a point - to communicate feelings. He knows he's upset and he wants everyone to know it to.

We hear you Andrew, we hear you.

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Topanga said...

Just wait until he is actually talking. Ori went from saying No, I don't want that to I don't want that cause I don't like it. Enjoy the general no why you can. The additional information is highly entertaining but can get worrisome after awhile. :)