Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Welcome to 2011!!

Dang - that was fast! 2010 is already over - and I didn't get to complete all my goals! Luckily... I did finally complete my 2009 goals... so I'm not holding over goals for two years!

2010 Goals Completed:

- Started a back yard garden.
- Participated in and raised money for the March for Babies.
- Exercise. I joined Jazzercise and have been aiming for two aerobics classes a week (sometimes even two times a week is hard to come by!).

- Be more "green" at home. We rid our house of paper towels and use mostly Method cleaning products. We also switched our pest control from Terminx to Eco First (saver for Andrew, the kitties and the rest of the environment!).

2010 Goals moved over to 2011:
- Date night *alone* (not with friends) with my husband once a month. We're "getting out there"... but usually when we have a babysitter (free or not!) we tend to go out with a group. We really could use some one-on-one time.
- Attend a community church. We have a list! Now we just need to pick a Sunday and GO! :)

New 2011 Goals:

- Family vacation. I really want to plan and go on a fun, LONG (more than a week) vacation this summer. Doesn't have to be far... its just has to be AWAY!

- Household upgrades. We've got a lot of "I want to do 'X'" things going on in our heads about upgrades to the house (garden area, garage makeover, paint the exterior, take down the wood paneling, retile the fireplace). I'd love to put the "I wants" into action!

- Plant fruit trees. I really want an Avocado tree... and maybe another apple tree (green this time).


c said...

Mmmm. Avocados. I wish I knew how much I love avocados when we still lived in California!

Good job meeting your goals and good luck this year!

Shelly C. said...

Good job on your goals, Alison! I'm really impressed.

On the church one...physically put it on your calendar for one Sunday. "Go to Church X at Whatever o'clock." You're more likely to do it that way.

Happy New Year!!!

Bag Lady said...

Yay for exercise! Good job lady!