Monday, April 6, 2009

Andrew meets his cousins!

Last weekend Brandyn's brother and his family came to visit. It was great seeing Bryan and Shelly, Leslie (age 6) and Alex (6 mons)! Andrew loved it too!

This past weekend my brother and his family came. Ryan, Katie, Evey (almost 3) and their dog Pip! We had a very nice visit... and enjoyed all of Evey's songs, "pets" and coo's for Baby Andrew. Turn up your speakers - this video clip is adorable!!


Harris said...

OMG - that video clip is SOOOO sweet!

KT said...

Evey's 31 months now, if that's what "mons" mean..I'm not sure. :)

I tend to just go with "almost 3" or "3 in July". Much easier than trying to calculate the months!