Monday, April 6, 2009

Living in the momment... is hard!

When you're living a child free life... but wanting to start a family, all you can think about is being PG. When I first got pregnant, all I could think about was watching my belly grow bigger and bigger. When my belly DID get bigger, all I could think about was the arrival of our baby. And now that he's here... and he's two weeks old... all I can think about is when he's 3 months... and eating better... or 6 months... and sleeping better... etc., etc., etc.

Living in the moment is hard. And while I appreciate all the people who through out my pregnancy tried to remind me to "treasure this time"... its so very hard to... when you're in the middle of it all.

And so, I'm taking this moment... stepping back... and trying to "live in the moment" of having a precious two week old son.

If I wasn't sleep deprived, I'd sit back and treasure... the sleepy eyes and sweet, sweaty head sticking to my chest as Andrew and I lay together late into the night and early in the morning.

If I wasn't counting down the minutes until he is hungry again, I'd sit back and treasure... Andrew's beautiful blue eyes, his button nose, and his plump lips as he nurses at my breast.

If I wasn't worrying at every minute if I'm doing this parenting thing right...I'd sit back and treasure... Andrew's adorable coo's, grunts, and groans as he fights sleep, laying in my arms.

If I wasn't itching to get on the computer and write my next blog entry, And I'd walk out to the living room and cuddle with my two boys... who are currently sleeping together on the couch..


Jess said...

This is so sweet =)

~M~ said...

Enjoy those moments!

Harris said...

You just did it! You lived in the moment! yeah!!!

janessa said...

It's so true! And nothing will remind you to enjoy today like looking back at those that are pregnant, those with a 1 week old, those that have been where you've been. I've learned to say "these are the days" and "this, too, shall pass" within minutes of one another.

Danae said...

Sounds to me like you're doing it! Relax and give yourself a break. You're already a great mom!

Besides, that quality in Andrew's mom that always makes her think of what's the same quality that made sure his nursery was complete and her bags were packed before Andrew's arrival. (Not everyone can say that!)

abarker said...

oh. so. true.

Amanda said...

Holy tears in my eyes.