Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A little about... me.

This week seems to be a very contemplative week for me. First my post below about "My Normal Life"... then I listened to a podcast - Pregtastic - on Adjusting to your New Mom ID... then I started chatting about the topic with a few friends... then my friend Janessa wrote about the topic in her blog... so hear I am... contemplating ME... who I am... who I will become... and how I will balance the two "Lives."

And so I'm inspired to write it all down... NOW... before sleepless nights and fatigue take over and I can no longer remember my former self. Here it goes... a little about... ME.

- I enjoy time with family. Either just Brandyn and I out at a movie... or heading out of town for the weekend to visit one of our families. Time with family is important to me.

- "Hanging out with my girls" is very important to me. I have several "groups" of girl friends... and it really rejuvenates me to spend time with each of them. Every year for the last 6 or so years, a group of my St. Mary's girlfriends and I take a weekend get-away trip somewhere relaxing and fun. I belong to a girls book club (two of them actually!)... thought one of them is really more of a social excuse. I also *used to* belong to a wine group... we call ourselves "The Winos"... I gotta get that started up again... that was so much fun!!

- I enjoy entertaining. Each year, amongst other things, we host an annual "Cinco de Mayo" party (this year will be our third), and I host a girls night "Oscar Party." Brandyn and I both love having people over for meals, and have a fun time cooking/prepping together in the kitchen!! We love hosting couples game nights at our house as well!

- I enjoy being healthy. Planning out healthy meals, grocery shopping in advance of the week, having lots of fruit/veggie/snacks available for Brandyn and I to eat. I enjoy searching out new recipes (mostly Weight Watcher approved) and cooking 4-5 times a week. I very much enjoy long walks. Walks around the neighborhood, walks on the trails near our house, or walks on one of the many regional park trails in our area.

- I enjoy a good happy hour! Anytime... anywhere... any drink!! ;) Be it an after work drink with co-workers or friends... a Friday night outing to a bar... or just an casual night at home. I enjoy relaxing with a nice glass of wine... a cold stein of beer... or a crisp dirty martini!

- I love to travel/take vacations. They don't have to be big like our summer trip to Ireland (but that was GREAT too!!)... they can be medium... like last summer's trip to Boston... or just small... like our trip to San Diego a few years back.

- I love being a home owner... and all the things that go with it. I enjoy decorating/adding to/changing up our house. I love dreaming about the projects we want to undertake (a new fireplace... a new kitchen... a new front door). I enjoy gardening and having flowers blooming during the Spring and Summer.


Harris said...

I'd love to see your Me list in a year - I don't think it will be so different, but might take different twists.

For example, my dinner parties now include a separate table of mac-n-cheese and chicken nuggets for the smaller guests ;-)

Jamers said...

Yay you! Things are sure to change, but you'll still be able to do all those things you mentioned, you'll just have your little guy to consider, too. :o) I can tell you're getting into total "Mom mode" and prepping for his arrival. FUN!

Danae said...

Hmmm..what a fun/important topic to think about! I think it's a really good thing to write out (I should do this)...especially in the next few months when you and your new role seems a bit overwhelming and you want begin incorporating your new life and old life into the best possible life moving forward...

Eric said...

Glad you love dirty martinis. I feel it's my duty to send you a free sample of my company's product - Dirty Sue - premium olive juice for dirty martinis.

Let me know.


janessa said...

I'm so happy I wrote out my list before I had J. And, you know what? The "Mom" list isn't all that much different! It just has an addition that wasn't there last year :)

Zoe said...

What a great idea to make a list like this. I think (or at least hope) that you'll still be able to do all of these things as a'll just get to add how much you love THAT aspect of your life to the list as well.

Sandra said...

Awww...that is the Alison we know and Love. I am certain that Alison will still be the same (but a few items might get moved around).

Sandra said...
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